All students must have a 3-ring binder (at least 1″) for Science in class on Monday, October 27th. ¬†


Science Fair Help Sessions

There will be four Science Fair Help sessions held after school for any student needing assistance with the process of the project.  Students will not be completing their experiment during these sessions, but rather getting help or guidance in how to complete various steps.

Wednesday, October 22

Wednesday, October 29

Wednesday, November 5

Thursday, November 13

3:45 Р4:30 in room 217.  Please bring a signed note from your parent/guardian giving you permission to stay.

Homework for Columbus Day Weekend!

7th and 8th Grade Social Studies

Read pgs. 22-23 in the October 6 Junior Scholastic magazine.

Take Cornell Notes on the article “Did you violate the Constitution this morning?”

Summarize Notes

Pick a side: Do you think that “under God” defies the First Amendment? Give three reasons (two from the article, one personal) that will support your side.

Due Tuesday, October 14, 2014